History  of A Gift to Remember


The first store was opened on Queen Street, in downtown Kitchener, on. March 1st, 1993. The concept of a consignment craft shop was so successful that a second location was opened in the King Value Centre, in May of the same year. The opportunity to obtain a storefront in St. Jacobs, the main centre for crafts in southern Ontario, came in the summer of 1994,and this store was opened at the end of August of that year


  The St. Jacobs location did so much better than the Kitchener stores that these were both closed by the end of 1994. During the winter the upper level of the building in St. Jacobs was converted from living quarters to retail sales space, effectively doubling the size of the store. This upper level was officially opened on April 1st, 1995.


  Continuous improvements have been made since then. Both the front balcony and rear veranda were converted into enclosed sales areas in order to provide an even greater variety of crafts for our customer’s enjoyment. In 1996 we had a local artist Kae Drawehn to do a mural on the side of the building, for a photo graphic memory of what the town is, and for people to enjoy.


  On May 1st 2006 we took over the store and continued to make improvements.


   The store is filled to capacity with an amazing array of handicrafts, ranging from custom post cards and souvenirs of St. Jacobs, Art gallery, babies room, birds room to games and puzzle room and as each day passes new and interesting items are received. Be it practical or whimsical, functional or simply artistic, there are gifts of every possible description. If you are shopping for that someone who is


“impossible to buy for” this is the place to go.... it is almost impossible NOT to find something that would be suitable for even the person who “has it all”.  


  We now have Online Shopping. If you go to our website at www.agifttoremember.com, click on the Online Shopping, it will take you to our products page. This is a partial listing of what all is available in our store. If you would like a certain item in the store, but you can’t take it as you are travelling, we can arrange to have it shipped for you. E-mail or call us for anything you are looking for, and we’ll see if we can find it for you if we don’t  have it.


History of the building


O.J. Smith Shoe Store/Home ( A Gift to Remember) 1395 King Street

Built by John Smith in 1860, this building served as a post office and a general store before it was purchased by Oscar J. Smith in 1900. Occupied by a shoemaker’s shop on the left and a tailor shop on the right, the Smith family resided upstairs. Note the mural on the Spring Street wall painted by artists Kae Drawehn and Henry Tewinket in 1996, a creation for “A Gift to Remember” that provides many visitors with a memorable photo opportunity. It also appears in a number of British and Canadian movies.